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Emerald Fairie Bespoke Corset

Emerald Fairie Bespoke Corset

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Designed in collaboration with interior designer Emerald Fairie, this corset was constructed original vintage cloth from the 1950's and is an original piece that will never be repeated. Flat fronted with hand draped sleeves and then lined in a sumptuous french silk duchess satin. This corset structure has 45 bones in a mixture of steel and hand folded polymer.

Fittings Package Included.

Our bespoke corsets are constructed with 15 measurements to guarantee perfect fit and shrink your waist by up to 5 inches. Every corset contains over 100 components. 

Every bespoke corset starts with a one of a kind hand drafted pattern made specifically for you.

Only the highest quality French Silk Duchess Satin is used for lining the corsets. Corsets are built using the strongest and most beautiful fabrics for ultimate luxury and reliability.

Every corset receives its steel eyelets from a master artisan craftsman ensuring top quality strength.

5 Meter laces are ready made so you can dress without the help of another. Swiss engineered bra cups with molded under wires have specialty push-up cups.

Our corsets contain 45 bones in a mixture of steel and hand folded polymer and are placed strategically in the corset for maximum shape and comfort.

10 stitches per inch ensure the strength required to withstand strain and wear.





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